Stickman Adventure: Prison Jail Break Mission

Stickman Adventure: Prison Jail Break Mission

About game «Stickman Adventure: Prison Jail Break Mission»

We don't know if this is part of the wand man's strategy to ingratiate him into a criminal gang or if he actually made a mistake and turned out to be one of the people he was continuously on the lookout for, but it is true that he is currently in prison. Stickman Adventure: Prison Jail Break Mission's hero asks you to join him in his new three-dimensional shooter as he attempts to escape the confines of the prison since he knows he won't be able to hold out for very long.

Choose a hero for yourself before you begin the escape plot; in any case, it will be a stickman. The developers structured the escape route into ten stages, or portions, for convenience. The first step in the escape is when the cell door drops to the ground, allowing you to flee into the street where a guard carrying a baton is walking. There are two ways to get rid of it: the first is to silently approach him and shoot him in the back. The second is to shoot him with a handgun, but first, you must locate him. Once you do, you should consider cartridges because you would be powerless without them.