Lego Superhero Race

Lego Superhero Race

About game «Lego Superhero Race»

There haven't been any new competitions in a while, but Lego Superhero Race is one that can only have one thing said about it: the game will reach the mountaintop quickly and without struggle. We really enjoy the game's mechanics, which you'll realize as soon as you pull out of the garage, which is not surprising given the excellent quality of everything here: aesthetics, characters, and the story. This is a must-see because the handling is so delicate that it feels more like you're driving a real airplane than a race car.

Since you haven't yet gone, getting off the highway will be the most challenging part, and it's challenging to fit the camera into the car, but everything will work out. You can go to the second stage after finishing the first one by driving around the city in search of the route's endpoint. You can participate in the race that travels through the city's streets once you've explored the area and rolled enough times. To find your destination, follow the navigator's instructions.