Mad Skills BMX 2

Mad Skills BMX 2

About game «Mad Skills BMX 2»

A racing side-scroller unlike any other, Mad Skills BMX 2 has competitors from around the globe competing on painstakingly planned circuits that will test your abilities and, in some cases, your sanity. The Mad Skills BMX 2 is now accessible! Discover the reasons that extreme sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, and casual gamers worldwide have downloaded Mad Skills titles more than 40 million times.

Look at what Mad Skills BMX 2 has to offer, shall we? Amazing dynamics that combine arcade fun with realism. Unlock, enhance, and customize seven various motorcycles. You have a variety of driver upgrade options at your disposal to create your own unique look. There are hundreds of expertly crafted songs, and every week, new ones are made available for free. Amazing dynamics that combine arcade fun with realism. Seven distinct motorcycles are available for unlocking, enhancing, and customizing. competitions with your friends, neighbors, and even international competitors. Use your Mad Skills first to take down the nasty bosses! Enjoy yourselves! We have faith in you.