Mad Day Special

Mad Day Special

About game «Mad Day Special»

Although the new action shooter's plot turned out to be serious, Mad Day Special's combat mission implementation makes it seem as though you are not fighting aliens but rather enjoying yourself. By the way, it all began with the abduction of our heroic commando's closest companion, an octopus. For some reason, the extraterrestrial invaders felt the need to seize the aquatic creature, but they also decided to assault the world. This could not go on, so after arming his jeep, our hero leaves to save both his companion and the planet.

Let's start by taking a look at the commando's vehicle, which is a sizable jeep with a machine gun and a rocket launcher already mounted. Don't overdo it with the ramming, though, as each impact results in a loss of energy and the ability to propel the automobile further. The jeep also has additional protection that lets you ram aliens. Keep in mind that the machine gun on the vehicle should be used while driving, and it is ideal to set it to automatic fire while maintaining manual control of the rocket launcher. When you fight for world peace, the government will give you money.