Santa Gift Bike Race

Santa Gift Bike Race

About game «Santa Gift Bike Race»

There are only a few days till the New Year's celebration, the weather is chilly, and the Christmas tree is adorned with garlands. even though gifts are waiting, there isn't enough holiday spirit? Or is it hot outside, but you're missing the Christmas festivities and the snow? Games about the New Year, in which the celebration is a necessary, will be useful to set the correct mood regardless of the circumstance. Santa Claus piled a bunch of presents onto his bike on Christmas Eve and began his yearly journey across the globe. Santa will travel the street on his bicycle. You must plan Santa's path using unique arrows so that he can visit every house and provide gifts to everyone.

Santa Claus, a good grandfather, runs as fast as he can to the children, gathering gifts as he goes. He can get a new, more potent motorcycle to give gifts even more quickly if he crosses the finish line without incident and gathers a lot of gifts. In this online game adventure, assist Santa.