Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

About game «Super Mario Run»

Play Super Mario Run online free game for every fan of Marios games. This is a very nice Mario game that will bring you back to the classics. Help Mario find the prices in a very neatly designed world and don't let the time run out. Super Mario is an impatient peasant who longs to be on the go and gather his preferred mushrooms. Don't allow our hero to perish while enjoying his favorite foods and going on excursions.

The character is constantly moving and doesn't have time to stop for even a brief moment. In light of this, it is essential to safeguard it from threats as soon as possible, such as jagged spikes protruding from the ground. If you collide with them, death is inevitable. So, to avoid issues, leap as often as you can. You must leap onto ledges that are suspended in the air. Just there might be what you're looking for—fungi. The castle will appear once you have collected them all in the present location, and you must enter it to advance to the next level.