Masha and the Bear-Dentist Surgery

Masha and the Bear-Dentist Surgery

About game «Masha and the Bear-Dentist Surgery»

Join Masha and Bear on an exciting adventure in the world of baby games! In this new and fun game designed for boys and the entire family, your mission is to help the animals continue enjoying their sweets. It's time to step into the roles of doctors and treat those pesky bad teeth together!

The forest habitats are in need of a thorough examination, and the orthodontist and animal dentist have been absent for quite a while. It's up to you to step in and lend a helping hand. As Masha and Bear's trusted assistant, you'll have the chance to explore the forest and treat the animals' dental woes. Your journey as a budding dentist will take you through various challenges and levels, each presenting a different animal patient with unique dental problems. So gather the family, get ready to don your dentist hat, and embark on this educational and enjoyable journey with Masha and Bear. It's not just a game; it's a chance to learn, have fun, and make a positive impact in the virtual forest world. Baby games have never been this engaging and meaningful!