Masked Forces Unlimited

Masked Forces Unlimited

About game «Masked Forces Unlimited»

You must play Masked Forces Unlimited as a true warrior and engage in the bloodiest gunfights. You will be thrust right into the heart of a brutal conflict. This web-based shooter runs the risk of devouring all of your leisure time. Therefore, you should select the game mode first. You will execute combat activities in the "Hike" mode. There will be a total of three of them. You must defeat enemy forces in treacherous combat to complete the first objective. You need to take out three adversaries in the second task. But in the third mission, you'll have to hold out in difficult combat for 50 seconds.

When you play in "online PVP" mode, live online gamers will be present. Build a room and rapid play are your two choices in this option. You can design your own room and select a map and game mode. Five different maps—Factory, Bastion, Blockade, Barricade, and Freedom—will be offered. There will only be three game options, though, which are each person for themselves, a team, and the end of the planet. You can enter the current area and engage in combat with other players in a brief game.