Military Defense Shooting

Military Defense Shooting

About game «Military Defense Shooting»

Most likely, there aren't any boys in the world who don't like playing military drills. Additionally, twenty years ago, intractable foes were armed with homemade catapults and toy guns, whereas today you can conduct full-scale military operations that amaze with their originality of plot and realism of the situation.

It won't be possible to avert an impending attack on a fortified base; the only option to stop the adversary and kill him on the roads to or inside the base is through armed confrontation. Choose a victim, take potshots, and kill it. Then, hide in a secure location and wait until the next assailant arrives. You can, of course, make different decisions, so to speak, by always being aggressive and searching the base you are guarding for the enemy, but you can only continue active activities to look for terrorists once the base has been liquidated. In any event, it's critical to monitor your vitality and ammunition supplies. The most crucial thing is to plan carefully your own course of action, learn about the enemy's strategies, and valiantly defend the oppressed.