Mine Tap

Mine Tap

About game «Mine Tap»

You can find riches, acquire equipment and pickaxes, use amazing talents, and mine for gems in this game. Mine Tap is a clicker game that combines idle mining with crafting, allowing you to explore the wonderful landscapes it contains. Use a pick-axe to tap. Simply click to start digging! a clicker where you have to keep clicking the mouse to drop a huge range of various pieces that have to be combined with other similar parts to form new creations.

On the playing surface, there are several cells with different items that appear periodically. To hasten their appearance, click LMB on the lower center gray cube. When you come across two identical parts in the field, combine them to create a brand-new item. Particularly useful items are placed in the inventory, which is in the lower right corner, and are later melted down in the furnace for resources. You gain points linking duplicates, and these points are added to the value that boosts the character's level. When energy is provided by things, the click becomes more powerful.