Mini Tanks

Mini Tanks

About game «Mini Tanks»

Tank engagements are aesthetically impressive at all times. But being an observer is one thing, and taking part is something entirely different. In this game, you could discover how difficult it is to win a tank battle. Although a computer will be your adversary, if you want, you can contact a friend to arrange a grand duel. The quality of your shots will influence whether you win or immediately discover yourself on the sidelines, so get ready to fire properly.

Only when commanding the tank can you aim and shoot in the game. Your adversary is far away, so you can't see him right away. We'll need to fire at least one trial shot to find it. To ensure that your shot hits its designated destination, you must then aim. The opposing tank isn't specifically hurt by the rounds, but the blast aids in the tank's steady descent toward the water. Only when the tank is brimming with water can you succeed. Here, you can select from a variety of cards to change how the tank looks. The intensity of the gaming will increase after winning multiple games.