Billiard 8 Ball

Billiard 8 Ball

About game «Billiard 8 Ball»

Billiard 8 Ball is a really decent pool simulator. You can engage in such a game against another gamer or computer, and within its framework of it, you can arrange contests and even billiards championships. In this competition, you can test your geometrical general knowledge as well as your eye acuity. The ball's path of travel and the force of impact must be accurately calculated. All of your balls will fall into the pocket if your actions are carefully plotted, and you will be the first player to advance the ball. Nothing will initially work, however, this will pass as you acquire experience.

You can see a pool table with balls, a cue, and pockets in front of you on the screen. You must place your set of balls into the pockets first, followed by a black ball, if you wish to win. Pick a ball, a cue, and start playing! With the mouse, all operations are carried out. Pick a path for the ball to go. The impact force is determined by the scale at the top of the screen. The force of impact is indicated by where the slider is on the scale.