Monster Truck Tricky Stunt Race

Monster Truck Tricky Stunt Race

About game «Monster Truck Tricky Stunt Race»

The crowds at today's races are outrageously large, and they are all hoping to see the same thing: a thrilling show. Stunts on Monster Trucks have always drawn large crowds. So let's start the competition, drive a monster truck, and provide them with that spectacle.

The action-packed and intense Monster Truck Tricky Stunt Race will simulate what it's like to operate a powerful vehicle. There will be opportunities for you to participate in insane racing competitions. You must pick the proper car model right from the start of the entertainment. Then get into a powerful vehicle, take the wheel, and start driving. You will encounter a number of challenges along the journey, such as jumps and rough patches with potholes. Even though it's challenging to navigate all of these obstacles at rapid speed, this is the game's most captivating feature! Use trampolines as a means of transportation and to leap over challenging terrain. Each of these jumps will be extremely beneficial because they will enable the main character to gain a certain amount of points.