Flambo's Inferno - Adventure Time

Flambo's Inferno - Adventure Time

About game «Flambo's Inferno - Adventure Time»

Play Flambo's Inferno - Adventure Time online game for all devices and gadgets as you can play it for completely free. Adventure Time served as the inspiration for the game's creation. Flambo, a little flaming demon who wound up in the lair of infernal hell, is the game's primary character. By any means necessary, Flambeau must leave this location. Your goal is to assist the hero in surviving and overcoming all challenges.

You'll run into the little fire-owning guy Flambo once more in this game. He causes everything he touches to burn right away. You must control it while navigating 33 levels of challenges. While guiding Flambo to the little "end" sign, keep in mind that the burning blocks are damaged over time and the tiny arsonist may fail, forcing you to restart the level from scratch. Although Flambeau's large fire is not very bad, it faces imminent death when it enters the ocean. You will have to conquer several challenges in order to reach the finish line. Play an entertaining game with Flambo!