Neon Hill Rider

Neon Hill Rider

About game «Neon Hill Rider»

You will be immersed in a neon universe in the brand-new motorbike racing game Neon Hill Rider, where you will assist the rider in winning races. The road that will pass through a region with somewhat challenging terrain will be visible to you on the screen. You can accelerate your motorcycle to travel faster along the road by clicking the mouse on the screen. Your hero will be able to launch himself from a hill or catapult to pull off a specific type of maneuver. It will be worth a specific amount of points.

The most important thing is to prevent your bike from rolling over since you will have to replay the level. You will drive a toy motorcycle down a very rocky neon track in the online game Neon Hill Rider. You must execute flips while still in the air to get over severe rises, descents, and springboards. To accomplish this, quickly tap the tablet or phone screen. In this exciting free game, make use of crazy maneuvers and get beyond improbable challenges. Have fun and be careful with the steep hills.