Football Legends Big Head Soccer

Football Legends Big Head Soccer

About game «Football Legends Big Head Soccer»

Football Legends Big Head Soccer will be held today in a world where humorous people exist. You participate in this competition. You must play a game that combines volleyball and football concepts. You'll see a field with your player and his rival occupying it. A grid will be used to split the area into two sections. The ball will enter the contest at the indication. He must be thrown onto half the opposing team's field and smacked with his forehead. You score a goal and receive points as soon as the ball reaches the ground.

The ability to play with a friend, girlfriend or even your parents will come as a pleasant surprise, as every game has a fun two-player mode. Play football heads, pick your favorite team and player, and then leave! Sports leaders can be easily controlled because they all make simple side motions, leap, and strike the ball; they don't require any more actions to succeed. Help them develop into true champions by watching them play and enjoy themselves while repeatedly putting balls in the net. Good luck!