Sky Streaker - Gumball

Sky Streaker - Gumball

About game «Sky Streaker - Gumball»

You will never have a cooler or crazier toy to play with than this. If you wish to download this game to your phone, you should be aware that it will present you with a lot of ridiculous tasks that will encourage you to engage in crazy behavior. You are the coolest and most intriguing hero in this strange universe, and now that your clothes have mysteriously vanished, you will still need to find some during the game's objectives. You will actively participate in the beginning of a truly insane trip.

You will need to ascend and descend while gathering the essential clothing for yourself, which will look fantastic on your hero. Of course, there will be enemies and many obstacles throughout the game, like Gumball and Darwin. Because they will take all the garments you discover, these characters should never be seen. You need to climb to a high elevation in order to view the beauty of the city and the rest of the world from a distance, but your main objective is to find some pants and shirts for yourself.