Ninja War

Ninja War

About game «Ninja War»

The valiant Kyoto ninja has to infiltrate enemy territory and obtain intelligence. You'll need to assist him on this adventure in Ninja War by providing him with some assistance. Your protagonist will proceed along the path, picking up speed over time. The visitor will come across earth collapses and other dangerous areas along the journey. You'll need to click on the screen to have him jump over each one of these barriers. Use your mouse cursor on the screen whenever you come across an opposing warrior. Your hero will then kill the enemy by hurling stars at them after that.

A fighting game is called Ninja War. To gain more points, participate in combat with and the ninja murder of others. Raise hearts to gain health, and three blades to release a mega-blade. Use the "Up Arrow" and "Space" keys on your keyboard to jump and toss blades, respectively, whether you're playing on a PC or laptop. Tap anywhere on the left side of the screen on a smartphone or tablet to have the ninja jump, and tap anywhere on the right side to make him throw swords.