Noob VS 1000 Freddys

Noob VS 1000 Freddys

About game «Noob VS 1000 Freddys»

In order to exterminate all of its residents and bring about total anarchy, a group of crazy Freddy's animatronics clones invaded the cubic planet. Join the courageous Nubik who choose to stop this madness, as that is your responsibility. With Noob, disable 1000 animatronics.

The game has a lot of challenging stages that you must progress through one at a time. You must defeat every enemy and maintain your life in order to advance to the next level. On a total of five different maps, battles with opponents will take place. Your sole combat weapon at the start of the game will be a standard handgun that you may fire with the mouse. If you defeat all of the adversaries and successfully finish all of the levels, you will be given money, which you should use to buy additional weaponry. Use the arrow keys to navigate the map continuously to lower your danger of being attacked by the enemy. Keep in mind that some animatronics will be armed and capable of inflicting harm on you. Both explosives and weapon rounds can be used to destroy them (G key).