Offroad Monster Truck Forest Championship

Offroad Monster Truck Forest Championship

About game «Offroad Monster Truck Forest Championship»

Fans of large SUVs have another day off today, so they can drive their large vehicles to a race through challenging terrain, particularly through forests, swamps, and abandoned villages. And if you believe that driving and testing a car is dull, start a special mode and begin literally wrecking competitor vehicles by ramming them.

The first thing you should do is use the first jeep and choose the race mode because the garage hides a few SUVs from inquisitive eyes but not from you. There are only three different modes, but what. In order to test the car while navigating obstacles and crossing checkpoints, one of the options is the racing mode. A timer is set in this mode, so there won't be any opportunity for enjoyment. The arena battle mode is the next game mode. Since all competitors are run by artificial intelligence, we would refer to this as mode training rather than driving instruction. The most captivating mode is the battle mode, which has actual opponents just like ourselves. Can you endure in this mode?