About game «Pacman»

One of the first video games created for the early computers was Pacman. They couldn't handle intricate graphics, and their speed was far from ideal. But none of these minor details can ruin a straightforward and thrilling game. You can descend into the old labyrinth and begin exploring it with your little avatar if you find that you are no longer drawn to complicated toys with elaborate visuals.

Most of all, your new friend resembles a tiny ball with an open mouth. Although he has no limbs, he can still move quickly and gather bonuses by using the arrow keys. You must exercise caution since the hazardous ghosts in the labyrinth threaten you even though the small Pacman doesn't endanger anyone else. It is best to avoid collisions with these cunning and dangerous critters. Your hero will be easily killed, and one of the spare lives will be taken. The difficulty of the labyrinths, the number of deadly monsters, and the pace at which they travel will all rise gradually. However, you shouldn't be alarmed by this because how can you turn down any excitement? The most important thing is to keep going and avoid becoming trapped in a dead end.