Classic Pac man

Classic Pac man

About game «Classic Pac man»

It doesn't matter what year Classic Pacman was introduced for video game systems; it's been a very long time. The essential issue is that the game just required the player to use his or her power to command the yellow smiley, which was tasked with gathering all of the yellow dots within the maze. And to make it more thrilling to play, we included a number of ghosts who relentlessly pursued our hero. However, at some point, the smiley could also punish the ghosts, and to achieve this, all one had to do was eat one of the four biggest dots. Although the plot of our new game is the same, it has undergone processing for the graphics and controls.

Let's start with the yellow dots. There are a ton of them, but you must collect them all in order for the level to be considered finished. There are four ghosts, each with their own color, and it is best to avoid them as they all emerge from the house in the heart of the labyrinth, which is inaccessible to you. The ghost will die if you swallow a large ball and assault it, however because of their home, they can resurrect no matter how many times they are captured.