Robin VS See-more - Teen Titans Go!

Robin VS See-more - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Robin VS See-more - Teen Titans Go!»

The Teen Titans will once more encounter criminal organizations. We cordially encourage you to participate in our mission to help superheroes take down the mysterious "Beehive 5" bandit gang. Since this terrible group attempts to constantly stop the titans from taking on criminals, one day the titans made the decision to detain the Hive 5 commanders. One of the bandits evaded capture during a large-scale effort to apprehend criminals. One of the criminal gang's leaders by the name of See More escaped the scene in one of the fast automobiles. However, the titans also have fast cars, and our hero Robin decides to pursue See More in one of these.

Take the wheel of a fast vehicle and attempt to drive it quickly but cautiously. It is preferable to avoid using sound and light signals altogether and instead to go around any characters that are present on the road in order to avoid frightening them. Look at See More's proximity sensor occasionally, and when it is fairly near, start shooting. Have fun!