Power Tower - Teen Titans Go!

Power Tower - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Power Tower - Teen Titans Go!»

Today is the long-awaited Teen Titans team's holiday. While the other guys went about their daily activities, Robin stayed in the loungeroom. He was nibbling popcorn while watching a movie with excitement when the power went off. The city was completely dark. The Hive Five evil team's headquarter could be seen gleaming from Robin's window. Robin is always prepared to address any issue, unlike other people who would choose to wait for issues to be resolved on their own. You will journey with Robin to the Hive Five's headquarters in Power Tower - Teen Titans Go!. It's incredibly challenging to get there. There are so many different traps throughout the entire tower of criminals.

In order to avoid being caught in the hot lasers or any other traps, you will need to show off all of your agility and quickness. The goal of the game is for Robin to move by using a grappling hook. The juvenile titan will therefore be limited to side movements only. Get around obstacles, get gold stars, and resolutely move on. Have fun playing and good luck!