Cake Shop

Cake Shop

About game «Cake Shop»

There is no denying that each and every population, in every nation, has its unique cuisine, or rather, recipes, as well as distinct eating preferences. The protagonist of the new game is an as-yet unidentified culinary expert who can't imagine a world without sweets. He loves to bake delicious cakes in particular, but everyone has their own recipe, so in order to learn them all, he's embarking on a journey around the globe. There, he can discover the secrets to the world's most exquisite cakes and demonstrate his talents. He bought a tiny vehicle specifically for this purpose, which he plans to use to travel and study.

The voyage is lengthy and thrilling, and every new person you meet will have a different need. As a result, you should first prepare to fulfill the demands of your consumers in exchange for their payment of substantial sums of money. Do not be concerned about the received order; throughout the cooking process, you will receive advice that will enable you to accurately and promptly meet the requests of sweet lovers. New ingredients may be purchased with any remaining funds.