Paper.IO 2

Paper.IO 2

About game «Paper.IO 2»

A brand-new online game from the io series is called Paper.IO 2. To capture as much territory as you can is the game's primary objective. All players are initially positioned on various cards with capacity restrictions. One of the hues, such as red, blue, green, or orange, is given to each player. You will play on a sizable sheet of paper that serves as the playing field. You can control the direction in which your colored cube moves ahead at all times. The size of the map's colored area determines how much territory can be captured. The more land you seize, the better.

Because each player develops a distinct playing strategy, it is possible to trick and outwit opponents. It's important to keep in mind that every player on your map will attempt to capture some of your area; do not permit this to happen. Because it is your most exposed area, always keep an eye on your tail. Try not to stray too far from your hue, and always keep an eye out. Capture as much territory as you can to earn the highest score. Best luck!