Reversed GP

Reversed GP

About game «Reversed GP»

Ring racing video games are the most prevalent and well-known to us from the original versions. The racer wins in terms of speed and points by making winding laps along this confined route. He can pass rivals multiple times on the track, but because the route is full of turns, it is simple to drop out of the race without being able to join the next one at a faster pace. By opening free online versions of races, you can train as much as you wish before the race. Choose unique plots, such as racing in space, on water, or in the sky, to make the game even more fun to play.

Participate in the renowned Reversed GP survival race while driving your sports automobile. Your only goal is to make it to the finish line alive. You will see a two-lane ring road in front of you on the screen. As it moves off the starting line, your car will gradually gain speed. Other vehicles will approach you. You must avoid colliding with them directly. You will only need to use the mouse to click on the screen to accomplish this. Your non-speeding vehicle will then perform a maneuver and switch lanes.