Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

About game «Penalty Challenge Multiplayer»

Penalty Challenge Multiplayer is an extremely realistic first-person virtual application that will make you really feel like you are on the football field. You have to score a penalty kick to the opponent's goal. This is not so difficult to do. Before launching the game, select a mode: you can compete against the computer or against another player. Football fans are thrilled! It was an amazing game, but only one goal will decide the outcome. The player has to score a penalty, it depends on him which team will become the champion. In this game, you can decide everything yourself. Choose your participating teams, and determine the color of their uniforms. In addition, you can choose the strength and direction of the ball.

There are a total of five chances for each team. The winner is the person who gets one more point first if, by the end, the number of goals and misses is equal. To succeed, you'll need tenacity, bravery, and reactivity. It is important to strike the ball in order for it to land in the opposing goal. Remember that you can easily access this game from various types of gadgets and devices for completely free on our website.