Pixel Jet Fighter

Pixel Jet Fighter

About game «Pixel Jet Fighter»

Military pilots are the elite members of any nation's armed forces. These professionals fly in the air daily to perform a range of intricate tasks. This opens up the possibility of both surveillance and the total destruction of adversary air and ground targets. In the game Pixel Jet Fighter, we'll take control of a fighter pilot operating a modern military jet today. You'll be given a mission by the command to fly behind enemy territory and damage their military capabilities.

Play the shooter game Pixel Jet Fighter for boys. There are several difficult obstacles to get past before you can eliminate the rival item. While making a safe route to where you will demolish their headquarters, aim for their airplane. Remember that the more enemy aircraft and helicopters you come across along the way, the nearer you are to the main foe. destroy them. Projectiles that are being shot at you can also be destroyed. Think about your safety. To play, move your plane around using the mouse to avoid the attackers. I wish you good fortune today!