Planes - Jet Stream Racers

Planes - Jet Stream Racers

About game «Planes - Jet Stream Racers»

The fantastic airplane game Planes - Jet Stream Racers features people and places from the Disney movie Planes. Dusty, a crop-dusting plane, is the first thing you control. You can buy additional planes from the movie as you advance and earn points. Simple controls are used. To make your plane fly higher or lower, use the up arrow and the down arrow, respectively. In order to keep your jet in the air during each level, you must try to fly as long as you can and maintain collecting fuel tokens. You can also gather speed boosters, which give your jet a powerful burst of speed but make it difficult to manage the plane while they are active. The main thing to do here is to fly, but for this, you need to take off, and only after gaining altitude. Therefore, study the aircraft dashboard, the task, the destination, in general, everything that a real pilot should know.

You must attempt to obtain three stars on each of the five available levels. You can also retake each level using a new character from a different realm. This game is a ton of fun and a fantastic way to honor this fantastic movie!