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Where did Pool Games come from?

One of the most interesting and exciting sports is Billiards. The eye-measure, accuracy of the cue hitting the ball, geometrically sharp trajectories of their movement and unpredictable crashes, and tactics designed for several steps forward - all this is Billiards. It is a combination of intellectual play and controlled physical strength. Billiards is now a popular game all over the world and is the subject of international Amateur and professional competitions. It is impossible to determine the exact time when the game of Billiards appeared. It is only known that it, like chess, is very ancient and its homeland is considered to be Asia: China or India, the debates continue. But from birth, it was considered a game for the privileged level of society. Gradually, it became popular, but the weight and high cost of the main equipment (billiard table) prevented the spread of Billiards among people as a hobby. A little historical note: documented statements about the game of Billiards by Queen Mary of Scotland, Mary Stuart, on the eve of her death, and her request to the Archbishop of Glasgow to find a suitable place for the table after her death.

What types of Pool Games are there?

With the development of technologies and the appearance of new materials, pool games gets wide opportunities and an army of fans. There are many variations of the game – almost every country has come up with their own versions with their own characteristics. And now it is not necessary to have tables, balls and a cue. The computer gives you a fantastic online opportunity to play your favorite game at any time, anywhere, and at any moment. Creating relaxation and fun company. You can play full screen, to any music, create any in-Terriers, together or with a computer that keeps a clear score. You can see the trajectory of the blows, prepare them and make the necessary adjustments in the force and direction of the blow, or just hit the ball and hope for luck or your thinking skills. You get a first-class online training session with a professional trainer. This is your future success against a real opponent.

Types of Billiards:

Snooker is the most popular type of Billiards, its English version. Every year, it hosts world Championships, as well as various tournaments among Amateurs and professionals. At one time, it was even included in the program of the Paralympic games. sports channels that broadcast snooker have a high rating. There are the most balls here – 15 red balls, 6 colored balls, and one white ball, with which you need to score others in a certain sequence. If the ball is played in accordance with the rules, the player writes down the cost of the ball to his account. Within the rules of the game, you need to score more points than your opponent.

Pool is an American version of the game. 15 pool games balls are divided into three groups — striped, solid and black eight. Each player must score only balls of their own color, and the eight — in the last place. There are no restrictions in the "8 ball" variety of Billiards called "Straight pool" — you can score any balls. regardless of the color, using only the white ball, which itself should not be in the pocket. And there are other equally interesting varieties. It is better to understand all this as you gain experience. A beginner should play the mini-game Billiards "8 ball" — it is the easiest to learn, the parties in it are the fastest and most active. Pool is more for fun, while other types are for increasing your skills and accurately calculating each hit.

Carom (carambole), or French Billiards, is the most complicated and original type of game – just three balls and no pockets. Points are awarded for hitting the balls in the correct sequence, with a certain number of hits on the sides of the table. A beginner will feel at least uncomfortable in this game.