Stunt Racers Extreme

Stunt Racers Extreme

About game «Stunt Racers Extreme»

Have you ever considered where stuntmen train, where extreme driving is taught, or what might occur if an attempt fails? Most likely not, but it doesn't apply to racing enthusiasts, particularly wild ones like obstacle ramp racing, where driving is transformed into Stunt Racers Extreme! By the way, a new three-dimensional game will now allow individuals who are addicted to adrenaline and insane driving to display everything they can do and, of course, obtain a new portion of great feelings.

It's simple to comprehend how the game works: you drive a sports car while performing ridiculously impossible maneuvers at high speeds. Try to execute each trick as skillfully as you can because you will be moving on a large scale and there will be springboards built every 100 to 200 meters for tricks. As always, there is a prize for flawlessly accomplished stunts that can be utilized to unlock new cars. However, this does not imply that your stunt vehicle is susceptible to damage. Each mishap will reduce your speed, preventing you from performing somersaults or even just jumping over the springboard.