Pubg Pixel3

Pubg Pixel3

About game «Pubg Pixel3»

In Pubg Pixel3, take up a place on the battleground, and attempt to stay alive as long as you can. The online multiplayer action ensures that this game will never grow dull. Are you ready to fight alongside others and win by being the last person standing?

Your goal is to survive and remove every opponent in order to prevail in this game and be the only person remaining. To start the game, click the play button on the main menu and then the start match button. After you respawn in the area, you only have a little period of time to collect weapons and ammo. Take whatever you can. Following the end of the countdown, you will soar into the battle area. Press F two times to leap and open the parachute. Your vitality bar is located at the bottom of the screen, and the number of participants on the battlefield is shown in the top right corner. Prior to being murdered, try to kill the enemy by focusing on them. When enemies are killed, they drop items. Check out our assortment of additional free mobile games and shooting games.