Real Chess

Real Chess

About game «Real Chess»

We are pleased to introduce one of the oldest and most fascinating logic games, however this does not make it any less applicable today. You probably already guessed which game we are referring to—this is Real Chess. We obtained this game from India, as should be the case for all nations. The game had a different name when it was released in Europe, but that name was changed. At that time, the game already had a unique board with 64 cells of the black and white hues, as well as 16 pieces of each color. We'll play traditional chess with traditional rules, which are those that are usually acknowledged. By the way, this version of the game is one of the best since it is straightforward and allows players to play against both a computer opponent and a real player. So why don't you play chess on the same computer with a friend?

You don't even need to know all the rules in order to play this game; whenever you wish to move, the game will provide you indications as to which cells you can do so. To win the game, you must, though, use strategic thinking. Have a blast!