Real City Truck Simulator

Real City Truck Simulator

About game «Real City Truck Simulator»

To get more proficient behind the wheel of different vehicles, try out driving a big truck. You will face a challenging challenge as you make your way through the city's winding streets. Can you escape colliding with just one car?

One of the game's four available trucks is yours to pick from. Both during the day and at night, you will be able to practice your driving techniques for heavy vehicles. You'll have to locate the cargo in the city and deliver it to a specific spot while navigating the area with the arrow keys. To stop, hit the space bar. Please be aware that you will have a specific amount of time to finish this work. The freight delivery objective will reward you with gold coins that can be used to buy new truck types if you can successfully accomplish it. The upper left corner shows the game account's total balance. Use the geolocations of your destinations to keep track of the distance you need to go. Press the C key to switch the camera's perspective. Cleverly driving a truck and avoiding collisions with various obstacles you will arrive at this place.