Red Carpet Dress Up Girls

Red Carpet Dress Up Girls

About game «Red Carpet Dress Up Girls»

This year, a sizable group of "stars" will congregate at one of the yearly film festivals, and as usual, several prizes will be given out, including those for best role, best female and male images, best writing, best music, etc. However, a brand-new category for the awards is style and fashion, and for this, all of the celebrities are required to dress appropriately. As a result, the game's developers invite us to design Shiny Celebrity Outfits and aid each player in becoming the greatest possible.

The two menus, which resemble two scroll bars, are positioned on the left and right and can be used to prepare each of the celebrities. The major subcategories of clothing and accessories are displayed in the left scroll bar, and each major subcategory is explained in more detail in the right scroll bar. Let's use one to demonstrate how the menu functions. So, you've made the decision to select a well-known star, like clothing. On the left, select the matching icon. Just focus on the right scroll bar; a vast selection of gowns has already appeared there.