Shot Trigger

Shot Trigger

About game «Shot Trigger»

The most important thing in any challenging circumstance is to maintain composure so that you can rapidly discover a way out. Therefore, in this game, you do not need to panic; instead, you and a special agent who operated underground must fight back against the crooks. You were deceived by someone working on the special operation, and they were paid well for it. You need to protect yourself since the evidence you have gathered and your testimony will help put more than one criminal in jail after the gang you were undercover with became very angry after you were betrayed. Display all of your training, since you will need to fire precisely due to the limited quantity of bullets, and avoid being stationary so as not to make yourself an easy target for them.

Your objective is to use pistols and other later-unlocked weapons to kill foes with precise shots. When you collide with an enemy, time slows down, allowing you to precisely hit your target thanks to a laser sight fitted on the front sight of the weapon.