Revenge Of The Triceratops

Revenge Of The Triceratops

About game «Revenge Of The Triceratops»

Dinosaurs once inhabited our planet, fearsome predators and equally fierce eaters. No researcher has yet been able to determine the specific cause of their eventual demise. One of the world's most brilliant scientists decided to look into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a dinosaur, but he made the choice to do it when dinosaurs were still on the planet. You can only go back in time with the help of a time machine. Due to his fear of dying there, he is unable to travel, although a cloned Triceratops is undoubtedly a possibility. On the dinosaurs, specialized equipment was put, recording and broadcasting every event in real-time. Triceratops' distinctive weaponry and enormous horns, on the other hand, will help him live.

Quickly traverse the old globe to collect as much camera data as you can, then transmit more during our time. Raptors never miss a chance to have a good lunch of meat, so be ready for an assault.