Highschool Mean Girls

Highschool Mean Girls

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The matter was not addressed in vain because tonight at the school where Anna and Elsa go, a party will be held at which a fashion show with the theme of a girl hooligan will take place. If they call some boys hooligans, then hooligans talk about girls with such behavior. Princesses obviously aren't like that and can't act like that, but since this is only a party and everyone will be wearing such attire, why not try to adopt a similar persona?

It is our responsibility to dress up six princesses in various looks for the party. However, we can attempt to use Anna as an example even though we won't train everyone. Since the girl has complete faith in you, let's start by picking a haircut. Don't forget to consider the party's theme when selecting the princess's ideal haircut. Now consider a shirt and jeans or a short skirt, which are outfits that such girls adore donning. By selecting the right accessory, you may round off the style. The girls will be able to make an appearance in front of their classmates and the rest of the school once all preparations are finished and the party starts.