Scientist Runner

Scientist Runner

About game «Scientist Runner»

In his laboratory, this mad scientist was conducting a number of intricate experiments. This procedure eventually spiraled out of control. The scientist must now battle the monsters that are escaping. He has a potent tool for doing this in the online game Scientist Runner

Do you enjoy reading or watching stories about lunatics? You can take part in one of these stories by playing the online game Scientist Runner. What took place? One of these crazy scientists' labs experienced an explosion, and one of the harmful compounds naturally leaked into the air. A dreadful occurrence transpired; as a result, the building's stuffed monsters came to life! And the deceased become zombies. You will take on the role of the incident's perpetrator, a scientist. You need to walk through every room in the lab in order to tidy up this mess. In order to avoid such a scenario, our hero made the decision to engage in a conflict while carrying a unique laser gun. Kill zombies and revived beasts. The controls are straightforward: to move and attack, press the arrow keys.