Shark Bait iO

Shark Bait iO

About game «Shark Bait iO»

The goal of the Shark Bait iO is to play in a way that allows you to seize the leadership pedestal and maintain that position for as long as you can. You must consume fish in order to continually gain knowledge and size in order to accomplish this. Fish is consumed in its entirety without any health bar indication. You have to cooperate with huge squid and super hammer sharks. It's crucial to realize that players only play as sharks; all other fish types are artificial intelligence (AI) bots. You also receive talents that improve blows, speed, and regeneration in addition to the boost. After being bitten, some creatures let you unleash an ink cloud to conceal yourself.

Physically, you develop as you advance in level. A yellow crosshair marks the player who won the Shark Bait iO competition. Typically, the area around the cap is rather warm. When you are small, it is advisable to circle the edges of the map rather than prod around in the middle.