Shopping Cart Hero HD

Shopping Cart Hero HD

About game «Shopping Cart Hero HD»

The core of Shopping Cart Hero HD is the same as the original, widely played game from the past. Particularly, technological and graphical updates have added convenience for mobile phone users as well as computer users. You'll endeavor to travel as far as you can, just like in the previous version. Take a seat in your basket and be ready to jump really high off the springboard while seated in it. Make an effort to pull off a great feat while floating in the air. You can buy dozens of upgrades, and you can even learn exciting new skills to practice. How many attempts are required to complete the race? Play around to learn!

This shopping center, which is indicated at the top of the screen in the middle, must be reached. Only extremely cool upgrades will allow you to achieve this. Expect to take a while to finish the challenge because you will need to make a lot of money from them. Press the GO button, set the indication scale to the fastest speed, and then wait for your companion to push you down the slide.