Skate Rush

Skate Rush

About game «Skate Rush»

You will be a part of the Cartoon Network squad and compete in an entertaining race today in the Skate Rush game. You will be prompted to select your character from a variety of well-known Cartoon Network heroes before the game even begins. Your job seems fairly straightforward. You have to cross the finish line ahead of all other competitors. There will be a large number of participants, and each one of them will be knowledgeable and skilled. As a result, winning won't be that simple. However, the competition is lengthy and requires up to 15 laps of skating. Therefore, if initially, you were unsuccessful in breaking through, do not be concerned; there is still plenty of time!

The most important thing is to stay focused and avoid hitting any walls because doing so slows you down. Along the route, bonuses and power-ups will be dispersed, so make sure to collect them all. They will aid in your acceleration or provide you with other opportunities over your rivals. We're wishing you luck!