Snail Bob

Snail Bob

About game «Snail Bob»

Without suspecting anything, Snail Bob ate his favorite meal while sitting in the kitchen. The protagonist's home was quickly destroyed by a worker who arrived on special equipment carrying a crane and caused an abrupt noise. As a result, the snail was left homeless and all of his newly acquired possessions were simply destroyed. The only option left at this point is to find a new house. Join Bob in his search for a residence where he would feel at ease. Prepare to defend the hero from several perils in the shape of perilous constructions and hostile creatures as there will be many hurdles in the path.

When the hero arrives at the scene, click on him with LMB right away to stop him. Since the snail lacks brakes, you must manually stop it. Look around when the hero is inside the shell and consider what to do to successfully complete the level. With the aid of the red buttons, obstacles that may be in the way should be pushed back. Additionally, with their assistance, platforms that operate as a crossing from one side of the area to the other can be activated.