From Nerd To Fab: Prom Edition

From Nerd To Fab: Prom Edition

About game «From Nerd To Fab: Prom Edition»

Girls enjoy dancing, cooking, going out, and attending balls. Girls begin fantasizing about graduating particularly when they first enter the classroom. When they receive a dance invitation, they may dress in a ballgown. Therefore, they created fun activities for the girls called "Graduation" so that they could carefully prepare for the upcoming event. This girl's nerdiness makes her a frequent target of jokes throughout high school. But it will mark the end, particularly with graduation fast approaching. She will become a magnificent and dazzling beauty thanks to the enchantment of makeup, manicures, and clever choice of outfits, which will help her win the respect and love of others.

In high school, Anna is. She is seen as a nerd and a bore by everyone. You will assist the girl in changing her appearance so she can attend the From Nerd To Fab: Prom Edition ball today at the school. You must first get rid of any trouble spots and zits from her face. You will then style her hair and add makeup to her face using cosmetics.