The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion

The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion

About game «The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion»

You can look forward to the exploits of two jovial pals in the game The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion. The guys continuously come up with new forms of amusement since they dislike monotony and pessimism. This time, they created a game that requires hard work from you. Lava has now covered the entire city's ground. You have to maneuver about various things in order to get to the opposite end of the street. Are you up for an exciting journey? It will now be warm. The game's events will first take place at the park.

To avoid falling into the lava and becoming ashes, you will hop on the playground equipment and scale the ladders. Your persona will take the place of a bashful bow and be a cheery apple. These guys are the closest buddies even though they are completely different from one another. Each of them has unique talents. While the Bow can jump far, the Apple is highly powerful and can lift huge crates with ease. The boys will occasionally switch places with one another, which will assist you in overcoming challenges. Have fun playing and good luck!