Space War

Space War

About game «Space War»

Similar to what the most daring science fiction writers had predicted, mankind was able to begin the conquering of space and advance ever further into the stars. Though those who preferred space prepared the planet with roaming space stations, they finally even managed to start populating the first worlds that might support life. Along with livable planets, sentient species have also been discovered, however, not all of them have engaged peacefully with the lands. You must now take the people's side and work to neutralize the threat because some of them even began a war!

You are a member of the exploratory from other planets. You never would have dreamed that you would actually participate in a battle between the stars while traversing the universe. A fierce star conflict is currently occurring between two hostile galaxies. Who would have thought that your heroes would encounter all of this hostility? Space War has started. You have been sent on a mission to fly across space and destroy all enemies. Grab the ammo, petrol, and hearts. Your objective is to stay for as long as possible. Enjoy!