Spider Man: Mysterio Rush

Spider Man: Mysterio Rush

About game «Spider Man: Mysterio Rush»

Once more, the threat hung over the large city. This time, Mysterio thought he could take all of New York in his clever claws, so he and the other monsters decided to use a particularly lethal chemical that was sprayed as a gas over the area. We are glad to accompany Peter Parker on his new adventure, Spider Man: Mysterio Rush, where we will undoubtedly have to deal with all the antics of anti-heroes, as the enemy has entirely forgotten about the superhero protecting the city.

The web is Spider-primary Man's tool and always has been. He uses it to move throughout the city and combat monsters and criminals, and the first thing that is expected of us is that we move within the city borders. You will need to utilize your sight to quickly disconnect from one building and cling to another in order to cross reasonable distances in order to accomplish this. It's best to pace your jumps across structures to avoid falling and giving Mysterio hope of capturing the city! You can earn points by jumping between buildings, attempting to get various bonuses, and jumping through flaming rings.