Spiderman Skateboarding

Spiderman Skateboarding

About game «Spiderman Skateboarding»

Spiderman games are all about the escapades of everyone's favorite superhero, despite having been created far later than Spiderman books. In Spiderman games, you'll have to traverse the city's rooftops, take on criminals, use your webs to shoot accurately, and defend the globe from terrifying invaders. But in this game, our protagonist is in front of a new task. There are several ledges ahead that you may easily trip over and miss the goal, so Spider-Man isn't simply skating; he can't relax. Try to go over obstacles to get to the finish line.

By clicking "Play," you start the hero's movement, who travels quickly on a skateboard in pursuit of adventure. Pressing LMB rapidly enough will create a block that will hit the obstacle and crumble, but Spider-Man won't be hurt because there are ledges along the route. The higher the elevation, the more bricks you must create. To earn a lot of points, collect icons along the way that features the personification of the character. You must start the level over if you accidentally hit an obstacle.