Squid Escape: Bloody Revenge

Squid Escape: Bloody Revenge

About game «Squid Escape: Bloody Revenge»

This autumn saw the introduction of one of the most popular television programs in human history. Many game developers are now making games based on this issue. For our website, we've chosen the best games from the Squid Game TV series. The violent game of squid will be remembered forever by the participants, and it is unlikely that any of them would agree to walk through all the circles of hell designed by the designers of this "entertainment" again. Meet one of the survivors and the game's winner, the participant who vowed to get revenge on everyone who helped murder the players.

The pain of guards in weird costumes and strange masks with pictures of geometric forms must be pushed to the fullest during vengeance, and for this, it was decided to employ the most everyday items during revenge, which you will see for yourself today. Let's pick one of the kidnapped guards and utilize the first torture weapon to take his life. Have fun and good luck with this action-packed game!